Installation and more


As Easy as 1-2-3

Take the journey with PolyBamboo to learn how to easily install our polycarbonate panels to improve the overall look and feel of any indoor or outdoor space.

  • STEP 1:
    Install the panels with the channels in the same direction as the slope to allow for proper drainage. A Minimum 10% slope is required for drainage.

  • STEP 2:
    To join the panels sideways, use a HCP connector with the joint in the center of the profile. Avoid perforating the panels, maintain the tightness of the channel to avoid leaks.

  • STEP 3:
    To extend the panels lengthwise, overlap 5 inches the top panel with the bottom panel.

  • STEP 4:
    PolyBamboo seals are not hermetic. For outdoor use, seal the top and bottom end with aluminum tape and polycarbonate u-lock channels.

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