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Integrating cellular polycarbonate with refined bamboo offers a unique and natural use in indoor and outdoor spaces. The natural resistance, durability, and unique design is aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional for decorative purposes for roofing, terraces, shading, dividing environments, pergolas, patios, greenhouses, carports, room dividers and more.

Additionally, its high-performance UV filters provide exceptional protection against direct sun exposure.


Enjoy the outdoors by sitting in your backyard or by the pool with natural UV protection to keep you cool and covered! Create your own oasis using PolyBamboo panels to build a function cover that protects you from direct sunlight while also allowing natural light to shine through.


Build aesthetically pleasing walls, partitions, room separators and more with PolyBamboo panels! PolyBamboo panels are encased on polycarbonate, specifically designed to create a natural barrier to separate rooms or living spaces to offer the outdoor feel of nature.


Whether you’re looking for a simple skylight effect or a roofing solution, PolyBamboo panels can be used as large roofing tiles that allow natural light into your home with full UV protection and waterproofing material to keep you dry and protected. PolyBamboo panels add a warm, comfortable, and natural feel by blending the transparency of polycarbonate with refined bamboo. PolyBamboo is proud to be the only solution built around nature and natural resources that are also environmentally friendly.

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Whether you use it as a cover, separator, or as a roof, PolyBamboo is a natural, versatile, and durable alternative to transform any indoor or outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to get creative with our high-quality polycarbonate panels in order to build your own private oasis.

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