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PolyBamboo’s twinwall polycarbonate panels with integrated bamboo have a cozy and natural appearance as they combine the transparency of polycarbonate with the rusticity of bamboo.

Try our sample kit to see for yourself how much you’ll love the natural and modern look and feel of PolyBamboo in your home!



Try our FREE Sample Kit to help you visualize how amazing PolyBamboo’s twinwall polycarbonate panels with integrated bamboo, will look and feel in your home.

PolyBamboo’s natural resistance, durability and rustic design makes it an aesthetic and functional option that can be used in indoor or outdoor spaces, ideal for roofing, terraces, shading, dividing environments, pergolas and patios, greenhouses, carports, room dividers and more! In addition, PolyBamboo’s UV-ray filters provide excellent protection against wear and tear due to extreme sun exposure.


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